Phoenix Has Landed!

My new album is finally out in stores! After months of writing songs, recording vocals, and learning music production it’s finally finished.

This isn’t a concept album and there’s some variety to the songs included, but I would say one major theme is feeling trapped. When I wrote these songs I was dealing with the fact that I didn’t like the day to day routine I had fallen into. I was becoming increasingly convinced that if I didn’t do something NOW I would never do anything at all. It was time to make a change.

The song Phoenix became the obvious title track for the album because by releasing this album I’m taking a big step to rekindle the flame of a dream I’d let die. I had always wanted to be a singer-songwriter and even though I pursued that dream in college I stopped pursuing it when I started working full time.

At some point I had decided that two of my goals in life were mutually exclusive. One was being a musician and one was being a stable and responsible adult. But over the last decade I’ve never been able to escape the pull of music. If there’s such a thing as destiny I think making music must be mine because I can’t escape the call no matter how hard I try.

However, I can escape my years-long routine of trying to be happy with a day job like a normal person. Clearly I am not cut out for it. Listen to the song A Nation of Zombies (the first track on Phoenix) and tell me I had a good thing going. I don’t think that’s the picture of health and happiness.

I’ve decided to fully commit 100% to living my dream of being a musician. If it works out, great! If not, at least I’ll know I’ve tried my best. Meanwhile, I’ll get to capture some of my music in the form of awesome albums and share them with wonderful people like you (yes you!).

Phoenix is available on Itunes and Spotify!

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